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Gettin to know each other

At Erato Studio, we believe that building a strong rapport and understanding between the student and the instructor is essential for a successful and fulfilling learning experience.

Before diving into the private classes, we prioritize getting to know each other on a personal level. We take the time to understand your unique music production goals, preferences, and skill level.

We encourage open communication and active listening, allowing us to tailor the private classes to your specific needs and interests. We’ll discuss your musical background, your favorite genres, your preferred software or equipment, and any specific challenges or areas you want to focus on.

This personalized approach helps us create a customized curriculum that is aligned with your musical aspirations, ensuring that you get the most out of your private classes.

We’re dedicated to creating a comfortable and supportive learning environment where you can feel free to ask questions, share your thoughts, and collaborate with us to achieve your music production goals.